Establishing Pathways for the Next Generation of Female Leaders in Finance

Pam Stross featured on “Her Success Matters” podcast by Investment News on January 7, 2021

Her Success Matters With Christine Shaw, CEO, InvestmentNews

A podcast exploring how advisers can work together to break down internal barriers, create programs around diversity and inclusion and build a pathway for women to succeed in financial services.

As the CEO of InvestmentNews, the leading source of news, analysis and information for the financial advisory community, Christine Shaw offers a wealth of knowledge and real-life experiences as a female leader in the industry. Her Success Matters provides listeners with a rare insider view to the executives of this industry who are forging the path for women leadership by taking action and supporting programs within their organizations. Christine’s goals in this series is to connect with fellow powerhouse executives who are dominating the industry and to break down barriers for next-gen female advisers! Every other week, listeners will hear all about programs specific to attracting women executives while the podcast speakers uncover why this matters — why HER Success Matters.

Pam Stross, CEO, TruClarity Management Solutions

Episode Summary

In this episode, Christine Shaw speaks with Pam Stross, CEO of TruClarity Management Solutions, about how female leaders can establish pathways for the next generation of female advisers to aspire for those C-suite roles. Pam shares her own experience in leadership in the financial services industry as well as her advice for those just entering the field.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Pam’s first job interview in financial services was one of the most influential events in her career
  • Pam’s experience as a female leader in financial services
  • Why it’s important for female leaders to provide mentorship to the next generation of advisors
  • How remote work is changing the career game for women
  • And more!

Tune in to learn about being a female in the C-suite in financial services from Pam Stross, CEO of TruClarity Management Solutions!

Click here to listen to the episode. 

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