$130m ex-RBC advisor launches TruClarity-backed RIA

Article Published in CityWire USA, RIA news on June 8, 2021 by Andrew Foerch.

Matthew Chester leaves RBC Wealth Management to found Tableaux Wealth

Matthew Chester has founded Tableaux Wealth in Stockbridge. He’ll run the firm with director of client services Shelley Wojtkowski – who joined from tutoring nonprofit Literacy Network of South Berkshire. Chester managed around $133m in assets at RBC, where he was a senior vice president.

Chester has gone independent through TruClarity Wealth Advisors, an RIA for wirehouse breakaways and other financial advisors who don’t want to start a business from scratch. As a ‘tuck-in’ with TruClarity Wealth Advisors, Tableaux will report its assets to the Securities and Exchange Commission on TruClarity’s Form ADV.

‘I needed to be able to have a business that was flexible and could adapt to best serve clients,’ Chester said in a statement. ‘Our partner, TruClarity Wealth Advisors, stood out to me because of their ability to customize to my needs and the needs of the clients we serve.’

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