Mindy Diamond Podcast Feature: Bryan Garris on the Path to Independence

TriaGen Wealth Management advisor, Bryan Garris, featured on Mindy Diamond Podcast.

Bryan talks candidly with Mindy about what motivated him to start “armchair exploration,” including:

  • The drivers that made him investigate options outside of UBS—and why he felt independence was right for them.
  • The conversations he had with his senior partners about their future—and how going independent could impact each member of this multi-generational team.
  • The decision to pass on UBS’s ALFA program—and how they solved for Nick and Orlo’s ability to monetize their life’s work upon retirement.
  • The challenges a next gen advisor faces when trying to establish their role in the business—and what Bryan did to ensure he was “carving his own path.”
  • The “misalignment” with the firm that he and the team felt—and how that impacted their ability to serve clients as fiduciaries.
  • The choice to work with TruClarity—and what Bryan saw as their value in the due diligence and transition processes and beyond.

As Bryan learned more about what others like him were able to achieve in independence, he wondered, “Why not us?” It was that threshold moment that gave him the courage to build a clear vision for their future and a path to achieve it as TriaGen Wealth Management.

It’s a great story that shares how the next gen is leading change—not only in individual practices, but in the wealth management industry at large.

Start the media player below or click here to listen to the podcast.

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