Happy Again: How a $440mm Merrill Team Got Their Mojo Back in Independence

Chad Goodchild & Jacob Schlicht, managing partners at Kickstand Wealth Advisors featured on the Mindy Diamond on Independence podcast.


Self-described “homegrown Merrill” advisors Chad Goodchild and Jacob Schlicht share the drivers behind their choice to leave Merrill to launch independent firm Kickstand Wealth Advisors with support from TruClarity—and how they regained their happiness as a result.

In this episode, Chad and Jake candidly share their due diligence journey with Mindy Diamond, including:

  • Their time at Merrill—and why they started to explore their options.
  • The things they liked most about Merrill—and what changed their point of view.
  • The choice to forego a transition bonus—and why independence was the better option for them, their clients, and their business.
  • The choice to build their firm with support from TruClarity—and how that impacted their transition process.
  • What they can do differently in independence—and what they describe as “the glaring differences.”
  • Their role as business owners one year later—and how their lives have changed as a result.
  • It’s an interesting story about regaining the happiness of your business life—a happiness that the advisor not only enjoys, but clients are also the beneficiaries of.

Listen in…

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