Build a Brand Identity That Conveys Trust

Even before the paint is dry on the walls of your newly renovated office, your RIA has to send a strong message that you have the experience and expertise your clients need. One way to do this is to create a strong brand identity.

A company’s brand identity comprises all the visible elements of a brand – for example, name, logo, colors, symbols, designs and typefaces. Those elements, which usually are developed by or in conjunction with a marketing firm and graphic designer, work together to reflect how that business wants to be perceived by its clients.

For an RIA, the key messages must be that your firm is trustworthy and reputable. You also want to convey that the advisors are established and experienced, even if your firm is new. All of these traits are desirable for clients who are entrusting you with their financial health.

So how do you send these important messages through logos, colors and fonts?

Designers can achieve this through a number of strategies, such as:

  • Clean logos and fonts: Many financial firms use modern fonts and all capital letters in their names and logos. Designers are extremely intentional in their use of colors because different colors evoke different feelings.
  • Timeless looks: Modern designs send a message of being “forward thinking” without looking too trendy or young. But you do not want to appear stodgy or behind the times, either.
  • Geometric shapes: Strong shapes send universal but subtle messages. Triangles have a solid foundation and suggest progress. Circles exude stability and continuity.

In addition, logo designers have to ensure that logos are versatile. They have to be easily read at any size, whether they are huge, as on a billboard, or tiny, on a social media profile picture. The design also should translate well in full color and in black and white, so that it will look good on your website, on an ad, in embroidery on a company shirt or in a lapel pin.

One word of advice: Do not try to develop your brand’s identity in a vacuum. Financial advisors are not expected to be design gurus, and they should not have to create logos and color schemes. Lean on your marketing consultant to help you create a brand that you love and that your clients will come to know and trust.

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